1. node version 18.13
  2. docker and docker-compose

Setup Instructions

Run containers in development mode:

cd frontend && yarn && cd -
docker-compose down && docker-compose -f --env-file up --build

If you are not deploying locally (on an AWS VM, for instance), you will need to change the WEBSITE_DOMAIN and REACT_APP_API_DOMAIN environment variables in the file before deploying. Examples are http://<your-vm-ip>:80 or https://<your-deployed-domain>:443.

Data Reset

The neo4j instance stores data pulled from the cloud environments. The postgres instance stores information like account connection settings and security rule results. Reset neo4j and/or postgres data with the following:

rm -rf .compose/neo4j
rm -rf .compose/postgres

Frontend Development

Make the the code changes in the frontend/ directory and save. The frontend will automatically reload!

Backend Development

Make the the code changes in the backend/ directory. Then, restart the backend container:

docker-compose -f --env-file up --no-deps --build backend

Cartography Development

ZeusCloud uses Lyft’s cartography as an asset inventory. To make changes, update the cartography/ diredctory and restart the cartography server:

docker-compose -f --env-file up --no-deps --build cartography